What is BOINC Games?

BOINC Games is a year around BOINC competition. Aiming to keep BOINC fun and insteresting for all involved.

  • Marathons: A competition that lasts all year long. Each marathon is broken down into 4 quarters. The leader in the first quarter will keep the points as final points. If a project shuts down then that marathon project will not be included in the remaining quarters.
  • Sprints: These are quick events that last anywhere between 3 to 5 days each. Sprints are unknown until they start and you'll receive an email the minute it starts to let you know which project was selected.
BOINC Games Points:
Team Points
Individual Points

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How to confirm your CPID

Each participant is required to register first in order to participate in BOINC games. Registration is simple:1. Visit the registration site: Enter your BOINC Games personal account information: username, email, password and CPID The CPID (Cross Project Identification/Identifier) can be obtained via visiting Free-DC stat site if you already participated in any of the… Continue reading How to confirm your CPID

03 Oct 2021, 17:22:41 UTC